Essentially, this blog is way for me to keep busy and quell that pesky cabin fever of mine. I have a condition that keeps me stuck in my bed most of the day. But while my cabin fever seems to be constant at the moment, I know everybody experiences it from time to time—whether you feel trapped in your environment, body, mind, lifestyle, career, whatever. It’s all the same restlessness that is part of the human experience.

I aim to post twice a month, at least until I am capable of taking an online class and moving forward with my life. I will post about whatever I feel like. Might me about music, or tv shows, or my health— maybe even politics. Whichever way the wind happens to blow me!

Originally, the purpose of this blog was to keep family and friends updated on my health. I will continue to use it to do that, posting a health update every two or three months. I appreciate everyone’s support on my long, up and down journey to health. If you want to learn more about my situation, I suggest you check out my first post here, which sums everything up nicely. I hope my posts can provide some entertainment and insight while I struggle through this phase of my life.

Read responsibility! -Billy