This Week in Pandemic 2020 (As Told Through Candid Videos)

The Reality of Corona Virus sweeps through the West as Italy becomes a warning beacon of what’s to come…

Italy pasta shortage: “There wasn’t this much panic when WWII started…”

Australia starts to panic: “Did you just cough at me?” (March 9th)

Australia supermarket: A woman and her daughter hoarding a cart full of toilet paper is confronted and attacked. “I just want one pack!” “No.” (March 9th)


Americans start to panic:


American blames media for overhyping and praises China: “I’m reacting to other people reacting”

America: Costco employees open doors, people rush for toilet paper.

Egypt: Locals being racist towards a Chinese man, verbally abusing him, kicking him out of an Uber, and yelling “corona!”. The man begs to be picked up, everyone drives by. (March 11th)


Thailand: Gangs of monkeys fight over food since tourist are no longer there to feed them. (March 11th) Foreshadowing for our species? Hopefully not.

Italy: People of Sienna sing a popular song, “Viva la Nostra Siena”, from inside their houses to stay strong during the lockdown. (March 13th)

Italy learning to cope with the quarantine (March 7th, southern Sicily)

P.S. Let me know if you want me to make this a weekly thing!

I love watching videos of peoples genuine reactions to real world events. But I also understand Coronavirus 24/7 gets old fast.

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