Independent Alt-Country

A New Age of Music:In February of 2017, Chance the Rapper made history by collecting three Grammy awards, including best new artist and best rap album. This, after the Academy changed its rules to allow artists who self release through streaming services to be eligible for Grammy nominations—probably because Chance’s popularity with both critics and… Continue reading Independent Alt-Country

Just Another Chapter (life update)

I have been residing in Westmont in my single bed apartment for about seven months now. I finally feel like I am settling in and getting the lay of the land. There is a beautiful “lake” behind my apartment building. I put it in quotes because it’s more like a glorified pond, but I guess there’s… Continue reading Just Another Chapter (life update)

The Cost of Hyperconnectivity

Today I feel increasingly aware of a society obsessed with attention, particularly in the form of feedback. Granted, we are social beings and all need a certain amount of feedback from those around us. This way we can adjust our behavior―learning to live and operate in society without ripping each other’s heads off. On the… Continue reading The Cost of Hyperconnectivity

A “Blast” from the Past

     This was the last message/update I had sent out to some friends and family before I created this blog. I wrote it shortly after the Summer Olympics of 16’ and with the Winter Olympics heating up, I thought it was relevant to share (since it’s partly about my “experience” at the summer olympics).… Continue reading A “Blast” from the Past

Nature Calling…? Use Protection.

Growing up, I loved exploring Nature and being out in the country. I took advantage of every opportunity to get closer to her, whether it was through hiking, boating, snowboarding, or catching animals. You could say I had an almost intimate relationship with Nature. Immersing myself in Nature became infectious. My problems would melt away… Continue reading Nature Calling…? Use Protection.